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Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Should I exercise when I am sore?
A: This varies from physical therapist to physical therapist and depends on your specific program. Please feel free to contact your therapist.
Q: Should I be sore the next day after therapy?
A: Occasionally patients will be sore following the evaluation or exercise program. Your therapist may advise you to manage this soreness at home with heat or ice.

Individualized Care

Q: How long should I leave on a Hot Pack?
A: 15 - 20 minutes.
Q: How long should I leave on a Cold Pack?
A: 10 - 15 mintues.
Q: How many times should I do my exercises?
A: This is individual for each patient and depends on the type of exercise.
Refer to your home exercise program.
Q: How long should I hold a stretch and how many should I do?
A: 15-30 seconds each for 3 repetitions.
If you have any further questions that are not answered above, please contact your therapist via email: qpt@qualitypt.com
Please do not cancel or reschedule an appointment via email.
Please call the office (603) 641-6603. Thank You.
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